How To Move A Deduplication Database In CommVault

Moving a deduplication database in CommVault isn’t as hard as CommVault make it. There is an article on CommVault’s help website showing you how to change the location of a deduplication database, but it assumes that you already know how to move a deduplication database before you start. So I figured I’ve write this how-to document to help the poor souls out there who are misfortunate enough to be using CommVault as their backup solution.

Although their help documentation doesn’t say so, the first thing to do when moving a deduplication database is to shut down the CommVault services. Next you have to physically move the folder containing your deduplication database to the location you want to change it to. Next start up all the CommVault services except for the Media Agent service.

Next you need to go into CommVault, Policies, Storage Policies and open the properties of the part of the policy that is referencing the deduplication database that you want to move. Select the Deduplication tab and then the Store Information tab below that. Select the deduplication store you want to move (under Deduplication Store Access Path), click Properties and then click Change.

Enter the new deduplication database location and hit OK. Start the Media Agent service and your CommVault deduplication store database change / move is complete!

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