How To Make Ambrosia – Rachel’s White Chocolate Ambrosia Recipe

This is Rachel’s recipe for white chocolate ambrosia. It’s a Rachel dessert, so deliciousness implied.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1,500ml cream whipped
  • Mix in 1kg container of yogurt (any flavor you like, I find berry ones are good)
  • Add chocolate chips (dark and white)
  • Add thawed frozen berries – whatever you like
  • Add crushed meringue right before serving so its not soggy
  • Marshmallows are yummy as well

Recipe Directions

How To Make Ambrosia

To make ambrosia, mix cream and yogurt and whip. Get a comfy chair because to make ambrosia, you’ll be whipping the cream and yogurt for a long time. You’re going to need an electric mixer. Your ambrosia is ready when the texture changes to a light airy mixture. It will grow in size from the original ingredients.

Mix in the other ingredients, crushing the chocolate. Make sure you add the meringue right before you serve the ambrosia, otherwise it goes soggy.

Note: This recipe makes enough ambrosia to serve 8 people.

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