How To Make A Mushroom Pommel Horse

Today I finished my mushroom pommel horse and thought I’d share a quick how-to to help anyone who is interested in making a mushroom pommel, themselves.

It’s pretty basic, I just bought a load of polystyrene foam (because I couldn’t get hold of any firm carpet foam) and layered it in concentric circles ontop of itself, gluing as I went (note: if you use polystyrene foam, be careful about the type of glue you use as most glues melt polystyrene).

I then cut it to shape as desired.

Things to note when making a mushroom pommel horse:

  • The dimensions of the mushroom should be a comfortable fit for the user. As an adult, I find that 600mm is a good diameter for a mushroom pommel
  • The choice of material for the mushroom part of the pommel is critical. Because I my training has a free running focus, it isn’t important to me that my mushroom pommel is similar to a professional gymnastics mushroom pommel. The fact that the polystyrene is extremely firm is good for my training because I will be applying the things I learn to outdoors environments
  • You may consider coating the mushroom in leather to make it more authentic and protect the material
  • On the subject of dimensions when making a mushroom pommel, I used 600mm struts and worked up from there
  • The size of the base is a good thing to consider when you make the mushroom pommel horse, it shouldn’t be too big because there’s the chance you could land on it and hurt yourself. At the same time, if it’s too small your mushroom pommel will fall over. A couple of cm longer than the diameter of your mushroom seems to be enough

Addendum: If you’re making a mushroom pommel horse out of polystyrene, you will need to coat it in something to stop it getting holes from fingernails.

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