How To List All Installed Programs On A Remote Computer

Ever find yourself in a position where you need to list all the installed programs on a remote computer? You can get a list of installed programs, updates and more through WMI.

SCCM Client Center is a great free piece of software that handles the WMI scripts for you and presents a list of installed programs, updates, events and SCCM advertisements with a nice GUI view.

To view a list of installed programs:

  1. Open SCCM
  2. Enter the remote computers name
  3. Click Connect
  4. Click on the Inventory Actions tab
  5. Click the Add Remove Programs tab
  6. Click Get Add Remove Programs to view a list of programs installed on the remote computer

After using SCCM Client Center, you will see that it is a lot more powerful than being just a free software application that lists installed programs and can also:

  • View patches
  • Patch state
  • Installed software
  • Events
  • SCCM Advertisements
  • Running processes
  • And more…
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