How To Install Drainspout Drain Pipes

This article shows you how to install drainspout drain pipes. To install drainspout drain pipes, do the following:

  1. Cut a small section of drain pipe (about 5 inches) off, so you have a fat end and a thin end
  2. Cut a hole in the lowest part of the gutter (the end the water drains to)
  3. Cut some flaps in the gutter hole so that flaps edges of the hole can be bent downwards
  4. Attach the flaps (using a few screws) to the inside of the large end of the 5 inches of drain pipe you have cut off. You now have a small spout from the underside of the gutter that you can attach drainspouts to
  5. Measure up some drain spout to connect from the spout to the drain, you may need to use bends to follow contours of the wall of negotiate windows or other obstacles. In your planning, always ensure that there are no drain pipes that are exactly horizontal (there should always be at least 2 degrees [ideally more] of angle to ensure water flow and clear debris). Some people like to use leaf filters in guttering, so you may wish to allow for this
  6. Cut (you’re going to want to use a saw box to ensure your cuts are exact) and piece together (don’t glue them yet!) the drain pipes with any required bends
  7. Once you’re happy all the pieces are the right length and avoid any obstacles using bends, glue the bends using Marley Cement. Do not glue the drain pipes to the gutter spout! You’re going to want to glue each one, one-by-one, testing that the lengths and angles are correct after each join sets (by holding it up to the gutter)
  8. Once you’ve glued the drainspout together, put it into the 5 inch drainspout coming from the gutter. This join is never glued in case you need to remove a blockage in the drain pipes
  9. Use brackets to screw the drainspout to the wall (use stainless steel screws!), this will hold it in place and it shouldn’t slide down the wall
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