How To Increase Google Adsense CPC (WordPress Blogs Only)

If you have a WordPress blog, did you know that Google have produced a plugin that increases your CPC of your Adsense adverts? The WP plugin increases your Adsense CPC by displaying responsive adverts instead of fixed size adverts. So, instead of manually inserting a 250×250 rectangle to fit your theme design, the plugin will analyse your WordPress theme and propose places that you can insert ads. You then choose 3 places to put ads (which is the most ads you can display per page with Google Adsense) and the plugin will automatically display the advert size that currently has the highest paying CPC.

This not only increases your CPC but also your CTR. This is because when adverts aren’t responsive (moving on the page and different sizes), returning users get used to their positions and subconsciously ignore them.

The plugin is called Google Publisher (currently in Beta, but works perfectly).

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