How To Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts To Your Android Phone

Importing Outlook contacts to your Android mobile phone is easy. There are several options available to import Outlook contacts to Android, here are a few:

  1. If you have a Microsoft Exchange server, you can connect your Android to your Exchange account and synchronise it to import the contacts from Outlook
  2. If you have a Hotmail account, you can export the contacts from Outlook (in either CSV or PST) and import them to the Hotmail account (Log into Hotmail and click on Contacts, Manage, Import…). Synchronising your Android with your Hotmail account will import the contacts.

    You may get an error stating that you cannot import files larger than 500kb. You can get around this by importing them as a CSV as this is a smaller file format. If your CSV file is still too large, you can open it up in Microsoft Excel and split it into multiple, smaller CSV files

  3. If you have a GMail account, you can do the same as above to import your contacts from Outlook to your Android
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2 thoughts on “How To Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts To Your Android Phone

  1. Hi,
    By reading I found that it is good software for managing pst file. But, I need to know that is it capable to restore contacts from pst. I really need it urgently can you please help me? Hope for your reply soon…

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    • Hi Ricky,

      Sure, happy to help. What are you trying to do? You have a pst file with contacts in it and you want to restore it to your Android?

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