How To Forward A Telephone Using Nortel BCM (Business Contact Manager) Element Manager

This article tells you how to setup forwarding on Nortel telephones using the Nortel BCM (Business Contact Manager) Element Manager telephony software.

There are 3 types of phone forwarding available on the Nortel BCM, these are:

  • Forward when busy
  • Forward when unavailable
  • Forward all calls

To setup a phone to forward, open the Nortel BCM and log on. Next click on Telephony -> Sets -> Active Sets, then select the phone you wish to setup a forward from (They are listed by their Direct Dial Number – DN, but can also be sorted by display name). You will then have some fields appear with the following forwarding options:

  • Fwd No Answer
  • Fwd Delay
  • Fwd Busy
  • Fwd All

These are exactly as mentioned above, with the exception of Fwd Delay. This tells the phone how long to wait before forwarding the call and is measured by the number of rings. As a guideline, a ring is about 3 seconds.

Enter the phone number you wish to forward to in the relevant field and then select a different field to save the changes. You can confirm that it’s saved by selecting a different phone then selecting the one you are setting up a forward on. It may take a few moments to save the changes and the BCM software will appear to hang during this process.

If you are forwarding to an external telephone number, don’t forget to prepend any required numbers to the phone number that are required to dial an outside line.

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