How To Find Out When A Web Page Was Last Updated

Sometimes you need to find out when a web page was last updated. This can be useful for a number of reasons, from finding out how long a house has been on the market on a real estate website or resolving a dispute over web page content.

To find out when a web page was last updated, navigate to the web page, then replace the address with the following code in the address bar:


You will then get a pop up telling you the date and time the web page was last updated.

This method isn’t a non-repudiable way of finding out when a web page was last updated, because it relies on the date-timestamp on the web page, which can be manipulated by the website owner. If the web page is fairly recent, you might have a more non-repudiable (although less specific) answer by seeing the date on the Google Cache. Obviously, this won’t tell you when the web page was last updated, but it will give you a clue if it changed recently if the Google Cache shows a different page and has a recent timestamp.

Incidentally: For websites that have dynamically generated pages (such as blogs that hold web pages in a database, rather than physical files), it is not possible to see when the web page was last modified. This is because the last modified property of the web page will always be the date-time is was last generated (Which is most likely when you requested the web page or when a previous user requested it and it was last cached).

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