How To Expand A Disk Using GParted

GParted is a free program for partitioning disks. It’s a Linux program, but can be used to expand Windows disks too. To expand a disk using GParted, do the following:

  1. Allocate extra disk to your physical computer
  2. Download GParted
  3. Write GParted to a CD and boot off the CD
  4. Press enter to load GParted
  5. Select your language by entering the appropriate number and pressing enter
  6. Press enter to load the GUI
  7. Select the disk you want to expand
  8. Click Resize / Move
  9. Drag the block to the size you want or enter the size in the box for the size you want to expand your disk to
  10. Click Apply -> OK -> Apply
  11. Reboot the computer

The disk will then be expanded.

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