How To Enable GZip Compression On A WordPress Website

Gzip compression is used to compress websites so that they can be decompressed at the browser and make them load faster. Gzip used to be part of WordPress by default, but was semi-removed as it is deemed preferable to gzip your WordPress website using the web browser software. Consequently there are a few different ways to gzip your WordPress website, here are some options showing you how to gzip your website:

  1. Enable gzip at the web server. Gzip can be enabled in IIS, apache or from the CPanel of your web hosting provider
  2. Install a WordPress Plugin to enable gzip
  3. Enable the gzip setting from the secret WordPress options page 🙂 This can be found here:

    Obviously substitute your WordPress website. To enable gzip, change the gzipcompression to 1 instead of 0 then click Save.

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  1. Cheers! Very useful – Enabling gzip compression was one of the recommendations from Webmaster Tools had that I had to make.

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