How To Disconnect A Mailbox In Exchange 2010

There are times where you want to disconnect a users mailbox in Exchange 2010 from their AD user account without deleting their mailbox. To disconnect a mailbox in Exchange 2010:

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Under Recipent Configuration -> Mailbox, find the user who’s mailbox you wish to disconnect
  3. Right click the user and click Disable

Disabling the user in Exchange 2010 will disconnect the mailbox, removing all the info in Active Directory that links the user and mailbox. The mailbox will not be deleted immediately and is safe to reconnect at a later time. Having said that, Exchange 2010 will delete any disconnected mailboxes during it’s next purge operation after the next backup.

You can also disconnect mailboxes in Exchange 2010 with this PowerShell command:

Disable-Mailbox -Identity mailboxname -Confirm:$false

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