How To Disassociate (Remove) An RFID Card From A User In Equitrack

If a user is given an RFID card that is already associated to another user in Equitrac, you need to remove that card from the old user so the card can be registered with the new user. To remove a card from a user in Equitrac:

  1. Log onto Equitrac Manager
  2. Click on Users
  3. Click on the username of the user in the list (you may find the user is not listed, in which case you need to apply a filter to view the user. To apply a filter, click Filter, then Manage filter list…, then enter a filter to find the user [typically Full name Contains <<User’s name>>])
  4. Next, delete the contents of the PIN information field to remove the RFID card details from the user and click OK
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