How To Delete A Printer In Equitrac

Need to delete a printer in Equitrac as well as Windows? To delete a printer in Equitrac:

  1. On the print server, open Print Management
  2. Expand Print Servers
  3. Select Printers
  4. Find the printer you want to delete from Equitrac and select it
  5. Right click the printer and click Delete
  6. Open Equitrac Office Manager
  7. Under System, click on Devices
  8. Right click the printer you want to delete from Equitrac and click Delete, Yes

Job done, you have now deleted the printer from Equitrac. Be aware that deleting a printer form Equitrac also removes the ability to report on printing to the printer in the Equitrac CAS server if you recreate a printer with the same name.

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