How To Crop A Movie In Windows Live Movie Maker

If you want to crop or trim a movie, you can do it with Windows Live Movie Maker. Windows Live Movie Maker is a free download that comes as one of the installable components of Windows Live Essentials.

To crop or trim a movie with Windows Live Movie Maker:

  1. Download and install Windows Live Movie Maker by running the Windows Live Essentials installer
  2. Start Windows Live Movie Maker from the Windows start menu
  3. Drag and drop your movie file into the right hand pane of Windows Live Movie Maker
  4. Click the Edit tab
  5. Click the Trim Tool button
  6. Enter the start and finish time of your movie
  7. Click Save Trim
  8. Click the file menu
  9. Click Save Movie
  10. I usually use the For Computer option because it lets you simply save the cropped movie to a file on the computer
  11. Specify a location for your cropped video file to be saved to and you’re done 🙂
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2 thoughts on “How To Crop A Movie In Windows Live Movie Maker

  1. crop is not the same as trim… crop has nothing to do with the time but rather with the aspect ratio or resolution – let’s say u want to remove black borders from a movie, then you crop.

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    • Thank you for your clarification, yes I think you are right.

      Trim is shaving the ends of a movie, in terms of the time. For example, chopping the credits off the end.

      Cropping is to do with changing the image as shown in the movie. Your crop example is great – removing borders.

      We learn as time goes by. As indicated by my choice of video editing software (Windows Live Movie Maker), I’m not a video editing guru 🙂

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