How To Create Files In All Users Profiles With Wise Windows Installer Editor

In Wise Windows Installer Editor (bundled with Wise Package Studio), when you install files to the Profiles -> All Users directory, this installs to the current users directory rather than the All Users directory. To install files to the All Users directory:

  1. Click on Administrator Options in the left hand pane
  2. Change the Install for Profile option to Per-machine installation
  3. Put the files you want to install to the All Users directory into the appropriate location under Windows -> Profiles

Note: Ignore the All Users section under Windows -> Profiles, this is a red herring 😉

Addendum: There is a step I’ve missed, as the above will require you to install the application with the ALLUSERS property… You can actually build this into the Wise install package by doing the following:

  1. Click the Products tab
  2. In the Properties node, right-click and select New -> Property
  3. In the Name field, add ALLUSERS (Note: Capitalisation required)
  4. In the Value field, add a value of 1
  5. Click OK to the warning

The package should now install to the All Users Profile by default :mrgreen:

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