How To Connect A Computer To The Internet Through An Android Mobile Phone

Did you know that you can use the internet connection on your Android mobile phone to connect a computer to the internet? Here’s how to connect your computer to the internet via your Android mobile phone:

  1. Connect your Android phone to the computer via the data cable. Be sure NOT to click connect to USB Storage
  2. On your Android phone, click Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile Networks -> Use Packet Data (set to enabled)
  3. Next, click on Settings -> Wireless and network -> Tethering and portable hotspots to share your phone’s mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  4. Click on USB tethering. You will then see a new icon in the notification bar to tell you that your Android is sharing it’s internet connection

Once this is complete, your computer will say that it’s connecting and it should now be able to access the internet through the Android phone.

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