How To Configure or Change An RD Web Access Certificate

When you first setup RD Web Access, you have the opportunity to secrure your RemoteApps with a certificate, but what if you elected not to install a certificate on setup or your RD Web Access certificate has expired? You’ll need to configure RD Web Access to use a new SSL certificate.

Here’s how to install a certificate into RD Web Access:

  1. Double click your certificate and follow the instructions to install it
  2. If the certificate you intend to use to secure RD Web Access isn’t from a Trusted Certificate Authority, you need to run the certificate install and specify to store it as a Trusted CA
  3. Start IIS
  4. Select the server in IIS and click on Server Certificates
  5. Import the certificate from the action pane on the right hand side if it’s not already listed
  6. Under Sites -> Default Website, select Bindings, Type: HTTPS and select the certificate from the drop down
  7. Click OK (you may get an error here, if so, close and restart IIS then reopen Bindings to ensure that the certificate has been added)
  8. If you used a certificate that isn’t already in the client computers Trusted CA list, you’ll have to install the certificate on all RD Web Access client machines.

Note that if you didn’t setup RD Web Access with a certificate originally, then you’ll need to:

  1. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Remote Desktop Services -> RemoteApp Manager
  2. Under the Overview, you will see Digital Signature Settings, click Change
  3. Under the Digital Signature tab, select Sign with a digital certificate and click OK
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