How To Close Windows 8 Apps

Some applications launched from Windows 8′s new start menu (the metro screen) appear to be impossible to close without using Alt+F4. In actual fact, to close them you simply click on the top of the Windows 8 app and drag it to the bottom of the screen.

It’s disappointing that Microsoft has decided to go against their own recommendations about intuitive application design, and yet somehow was expected in many ways. I haven’t read this article throughout it’s entirety in a few years now, but I recall it mentions something about having multiple ways to do the same thing and also talks a little about how good Windows Vista is because it makes it easier to close applications by increasing the area people can click on in the top right hand corner :P It also talks about good application design having intuitive aspects born out of familiarity and if memory serves me correctly, a consistent way of doing things throughout the application.

Windows 8 apps do not achieve this at all. The way you close Windows 8 apps is not consistent with other area’s of the operating system.

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