How To Close Apps Running In Memory On The Apple iPad

Apple iPads, like most other mobile platforms store apps in memory in order to ensure that they appear to start up faster. This is great, but it has two problems:

  1. It uses more battery to keep things running in memory on your iPad
  2. It uses more memory and if you don’t reboot your iPad every so often and use a big range of apps, you’ll run out of memory

So, whilst it’s worthwhile leaving apps running in memory, you may wish to close apps properly if you need to conserve memory on your iPad or battery life.

To close apps running in memory on an iPad, from the home screen, swipe the screen upwards using 4 fingers. You will then get a sideways scrollable list of apps running in memory on the iPad. Close these apps in the same way that you would delete an app for your iPad by holding your finger down on one of them until they start vibrating then press the delete button. To get out of running memory mode, swipe 4 fingers in the downwards direction.

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