How To Change Windows 8 Product Key

If like me, you’ve just installed Windows 8, you are probably getting a message saying Please go to PC settings to activate Windows, but when you do you get this error:

Windows cannot activate right now, please try activating later or contact an administrator or technical support department for assistance

or this error:

DNS Error

You probably also can’t change your Windows 8 product key. To activate Windows 8 successfully you need to change your Windows 8 license key. To do this, right click where the Start Menu should be (bottom right hand corner of the screen and click Run. Then type cmd and hit enter. Next type:

runas /user:administrator cmd

Then enter your administrator password. A new command prompt box will appear. In this box type:


Substituting the X’s with your activation key. You should then get a Windows 8 activated successfully message.

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