How To Change The Windows Search 4.0 Database Location

Do you remember back in the day, the Windows Index database would get full and you had to either disable indexing or change the index database location to free up space? This is probably less of an issue now that disk is cheap, but I figure it’s good practice to put a database on a seperate location to the OS because I intend to use it to index a large network drive. So here’s how to change the database location of Windows Search 4.0, which is the new version of the Windows Indexing Service:

  1. Click the Search Go button on the task bar, to the right of the search box (Magnifying icon)
  2. On the right hand side, click the down arrow next to the box icon to the left of the help button (?)
  3. Click Search Options…
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Under Index Location, click Select new and choose a database location
  6. Click OK, OK, Close
  7. Restart the computer (Or Windows Search 4.0 service) to complete the database location change
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