How To Block Websites In Mozilla Firefox

Did you know you can block websites in Firefox? Here’s how to block a website in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Download the Blocksite Firefox add-on
  2. Click the firefox menu button (top left)
  3. Click on Add-ons
  4. On the Blocksite add-on, click Options
  5. Under Blacklist, click Add
  6. Enter the URL of the website you would like FireFox to block
  7. Click, OK, OK

The next time the website comes up, it will be blocked by FireFox. There are probably other (and better) ways to block a website, such as using a firewall… Obviously this is not a solution for a company, just a home user that doesn’t want the bother of installing and maintaining a firewall or just has a couple of websites that need to be blocked for some reason.

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