How To Allow Non-Administrators To Install Specific Drivers Via Group Policy

Sometimes you might need to allow non-administrators to install drivers for a specific device. An example of such a scenario would be if a user has a device that asks them to install drivers each time they connect it to a new computer. Rather than allow the non-administrator user to be prompted to install the drivers each time they move to a new computer, it’s better to allow those users to be able to install drivers themselves. You may not want users to be able to install any device drivers if you are controlling devices on your network, so it’s better to use this group policy to allow non-administrators to install only specific drivers themselves.

To allow non-administrators to install specific device drivers themselves, first you need to get the class information about the device. If you have the device driver, open the .inf file and find the ClassGuid in the [Version] section of the driver. If the device is already installed and you don’t have the driver file, open the Device Manager and find the device you want to allow non-administrators to be able to install the driver for. Right click the device and click Properties, then click on the Details tab and find the Device Class Guid in the Property list.

Now that you know the ClassGuid for the driver you want non-administrators to be able to install, you need to apply this to the following group policy setting:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Driver Installation -> Allow non-administrators users to install drivers for these device classes

Enable this policy, Show the list of approved device setup classes, click Add under Show Contents and add the ClassGuid you obtained earlier.

Note: This group policy required an AD functional level of 2008 or above to allow non-administrators to be able to install specific device drivers.

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