How To Add Trusted Sites To Internet Explorer Via Group Policy

Trusted Sites can be automatically added to Internet Explorer through group policy. To add Trusted Site URLs to Internet Explorer via group policy:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console and connect to your AD controller
  2. Create and link a group policy to an OU containing the users that you wish to add Trusted Sites to
  3. Right click and edit the group policy
  4. Navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel ->Security Page
  5. Double click on Site to Zone Assignment List
  6. Select the Enabled radio button and click Show…
  7. Click Add and add the URL of the Trusted Site that you want to add to Internet Explorer in the textbox under Enter the name of the item to be added
    Enter a value of 2 in the textbox under Enter the value of the item to be added
  8. Click OK, OK, OK

Users targetted by the group policy may need to log off then on again in order to get the new list of Trusted Sites in their Internet Explorer.

There are other ways to apply a list of Trusted Sites to Internet Explorer, such as registry changes, but this is beyond the scope of this article and I recommend using group policy over registry changes anyway 😉 This is because it’s harder to troubleshoot an environment with lots of registry changes being pushed to computers, whilst group policy allows reports to be produced to see what’s applied to computers.

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One thought on “How To Add Trusted Sites To Internet Explorer Via Group Policy

  1. The GPO I attempted to propagate to my pc does not appear in the IE 11 Trusted sites list. The GPRESULT /R report shows the nes GPO in the list, but no new trusted sites website.

    Any Ideas?

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