How To Add A New Printer In Equitrac

Adding a new printer to an Equitrac printer is a little more involved than just adding a new printer to a standard print server. To add a printer in Equitrac, do the following:

  1. In Print Manager (which can be accessed from Microsoft System Manager, not Equitrac System Manager), expand Print Servers
  2. Next, expand the print server you want to add a new printer to
  3. Right click Printers
  4. Click Add Printer…
  5. Select Create a new port and add a new printer
  6. Select Equitrac port and click Next, Next
  7. If the printer you are adding to Equitrac is going to be a Follow-You printer, select e-queue. If the printer needs to be managed, but not be a Follow-You printer, select Physical printer. Finally, if the printer’s underlying port cannot be changed (such as a printer that take pre-spooled data, rather than spooling at the print server), select Passthrough printer
  8. Enter the printer name or IP and a port name (typically the printer name)
    Click Next, Next, Finish
  9. At this stage, either choose to install a new driver or use an existing printer driver on the computer. If you are using an e-queue, you will need to use a generic driver. If you don’t have a generic driver, use a driver for a printer that works with all printers you will do Follow-You printing to, but pick a driver with the most features. This is because, if a user is printing to a printer with features that the driver don’t have (such as a 4th paper tray), the user won’t be able to use that feature. You will also have to choose between a PCL 6, PCL 5e and PS driver
  10. Once you’ve chosen a driver, click Next
  11. Enter a printer name and share the printer
  12. Click Next, Next, Finish
  13. Right click the printer and click Properties
  14. On the Accessories tab, untick the Automatically Update Printer Information box
  15. Just above the Automatically Update Printer Information box, select the driver for the type of printer you are using and click Apply
  16. Tick the appropriate Options that the printer has (i.e. Lower Paper Tray) and click Apply
  17. On the Advanced tab, click Printer Defaults and change the paper size to A4
  18. On the General tab, click Printer Preferences and change the paper size to A4
  19. On Equitrac System Manager, under System, Devices, drill down to and click on EMB Device
  20. Tick the Enable secure document release box
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