How To Add 64-Bit Printer Drivers To A 32-Bit Print Server

Want to add 64-bit printer drivers to a 32-bit Print Server? 32-bit Print Servers don’t give the option to add 64-bit drivers, so you have to add them from a 64-bit computer. To add 64-bit printer drivers to a 32-bit Print Server:

  1. From a 64-bit computer, connect to the 32-bit print server’s list of shares (\\PrintServer\)
  2. In the list of shares, open the Printers folder. If there isn’t a Printers folder, click View Remote Printers instead
  3. Right click on the white space next to a printer (as if you were clicking on the folder from within the folder) and click Server Properties
  4. Click on the Drivers tab
  5. Select the printer you want to add 64-bit drivers to
  6. Click Add…
  7. Click Next
  8. Put an additional tick in the x64 box and click Next
  9. Select the x64-bit driver that you want to add and follow through the wizard to add it to the 32-bit Print Server
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