How To Access The BIOS Settings In Windows 8

As pointed out by a comment from jason404, you cannot access the BIOS settings in Windows 8 after a reboot. According to Microsoft, this is because Windows 8 boots so fast, it’s nearly impossible to hit a key to access the BIOS in Windows 8.

So, to access the BIOS settings in Windows 8, you now have a few options:

  1. If your BIOS supports UEFI, you can access the BIOS from the boot options menu -> Troubleshoot -> UEFI Firmware Settings
  2. You can access the advanced startup settings to get into the BIOS. To do this in Windows 8, go to the charms bar -> Settings -> PC Settings -> General -> Advanced Startup -> Restart Now
  3. Alternatively (my preference for accessing the BIOS settings in Windows 8), you can hold down SHIFT while restarting Windows 8 from the charms bar -> Settings -> Power
  4. Finally, you can also access the BIOS after powering Windows 8 off using the following command in the command prompt, then powering Windows 8 on:

    shutdown /s /t 0

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