How To Access The BIOS On An HP 8300 Elite And Enable VT

I’ve been trying to access the BIOS on my HP 8300 Elite to enable VT for virtualisation on the CPU, but the HP 8300 loads too fast so I can’t see what button to press to access the BIOS.

If I was using Windows 8 I wouldn’t have this issue because you can change BIOS settings from Windows 8. Unfortunately, I’m using Windows XP so I had to do some research to find out how to access the BIOS.

A little research told me that you can access the BIOS on an HP 8300 Elite but pressing the escape key on boot. Sure enough, I was able to access the BIOS by button bashing escape immediately after powering on the PC.

Once I had access to the BIOS, it wasn’t obvious how to enable VT for virtualisation. I found the setting under Security -> Security Settings. Once I enabled VT, I saved the changes to the BIOS and booted the PC. I was then able to use the advanced virtualisation features in VMware Workstation.

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