Failed To Log Into NFC Server – VMware

Whilst trying to upload or download files directly from VMware ESXi 5 by browsing the datastore, I received this error:

Failed to log into NFC server

I’m not sure what the cause or fix for this is because I RDP’d to a non Windows 8 PC and used a different installation of the vSphere Client to uploaded / download my files from the VMware datastore. The fact that I didn’t get the Failed to log into the NFC server error on the other client makes me think that this is a client issue rather than an ESXi 5 error.

If you are getting this error, here are a few things to check:

  • Are you using Windows 8? I don’t know if the NFC server login error is due to incompatibilities with Windows 8 and the vSphere Client, but I am aware of other issues with the vSphere Client running on Windows 8
  • Is there a firewall between the server and the vSphere Client?
  • Is the networking set up correctly on your ESXi host? Can you ping your gateway from the ESXi host? Is DNS set up correctly?
  • According to VMware, this error can also occur when a carriage return is missing from /etc/vmware/config.
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