Failed To Index Guest File System – Veeam

Veeam Backup and Replication can give the following error which causes a VM backup to fail:

Failed to index guest file system. Details: Failed to
connect to guest agent. Errors: ‘Cannot connect to the host’s administrative
share. Host: [IP Address]. Account: [Account Name]. Win32 error:The
network path was not found. Code: 53

This backup error has the following causes:

  • The Veeam backup server can’t connect to the IP of the VM you are trying to backup (Troubleshoot this as a network problem)
  • The account name you have specified doesn’t have permission on the VM that is failing to backup
  • The VM you are trying to backup doesn’t have an administrative share (you have disabled the C$ drive share or removed permissions to it)

If you are getting the Failed to index guest file system error and your networking is set up correctly, most likely the machine has a different user account with backup permission to the other VMs.

If you are unable to give the backup user account the same permissions on the VM that is failing, then you can specify a different account to use to perform the backup. To do this, edit the backup that is failing to index the guest file system. Click on Guest Processing and click Advanced, then click Add VM and add the VM that failed to be backed up. Select the VM that you have just added and click Set User. Specify a user account with permission to index the guest file system and complete the wizard (OK, OK, Finish).

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5 thoughts on “Failed To Index Guest File System – Veeam

  1. Also consider updating the (very old) VMware Tools of the guest in question. I tried that on one of my VMs so far, and now the guest file system indexing succeeds.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Kevin. Hopefully that might help someone with the Failed to index error, where the above doesn’t work.

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  2. Glad to have been able to help with your Failed to index guest file system issues 🙂

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