Dolphin Imaging Pre-Backup Failed – Error: Cannot Open Backup Device

When trying to complete a Pre-Backup on exiting Dolphin Imaging, you may get the following error:

Dolphin Imaging

Error: Cannot open backup device <<DolphinPlatformBackup.BAK>>. Operating system error 5 (Access is denied.).

(An error code is returned from the database. Please contact out tech support if help is needed.)

After clicking OK, you will then get this error:

Pre-Backup Error

An error occurred during the pre-backup process. Failed to create Pre-Backup file. Pre-backup will now exit.

As suggested, this error is not a Dolphin error, it’s to do with the ability of the SQL Server to be able to be backed up to the specified location.

To fix this, ensure that the user / service performing the backup has privilege to write to the file path specified in the error. Also note that there is a limitation of SQL Server that prevents it from performing a backup to a network drive or UNC location.

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