Crystal Reports Viewer Printing Problems

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot printing issues in Crystal Reports Viewer, specifically printing in Internet Explorer.

Crystal Reports Active X Troubleshooting Steps

  • Go into the Tools -> Internet Options screen
  • Click on Security tab -> Trusted Sites -> Sites
  • Make sure that the website you are printing crystal reports from is added to the trusted sites list and close this screen
  • With Trusted Sites selected, click on Custom Level
  • Ensure that all settings under the Active X controls tree is set to either Enable or Prompt – Download unsigned ActiveX controls and Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe can be set to Prompt but the rest need to be set to Enable before closing this screen
  • Click on the Privacy tab and if the Pop up blocker is enabled click on Settings-> Sites and ensure that the website you are trying to print crystal reports from is added as allow before closing this screen. Alternatively ensure that the pop up blocker is turned off.
  • In the Advanced tab, untick Enable Third Party Browser Extentions
  • In the General tab, clear temporary internet files and cookies and then restart Internet      Explorer
  • If you are still unable to print Crystal Reports, the issue might be to do with the Windows user not having Full permissions to the c:\windows\downloaded program      files\ folder which is stopping you from downloading the Active X control.
  • Give full permission access to this folder and after restarting Internet Explorer try to print – you might require assistance from your IT administrators to change permissions

If still unable to print you can try to manually install the Crystal reports active X print control. Please select the below link to download this file:

  • Install by extracting the files to your root directory “C:\”.
  • Click on Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt to bring up a window.
  • Type in regsvr32 c:\printcontrol.dll and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Once this runs it will install the Crystal Reports Print Control into your Internet Explorer browser.

If your browser is still open after the install you will need to close all the windows down first before trying to print in Crystal Reports again.

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