Crowd-Pleaser Ale Recipe

This beer recipe was loosely based on the Marzen style, but lacks the Munich malt (and also would also be disqualified for the addition of orange zest which would contravene the German purity law, Reinheitsgebot).

I designed this recipe as a crowd-pleaser. It was created to satisfy every type of taste bud, having a general quality taste to it, but no exotic or complex flavours that might upset less adventurous taste buds; Hence the name Crowd-Pleaser Ale. Here’s the recipe:


1kg Pale Ale Malt

4kg Vienna Malt

250g Carahell Malt

100g Dark Wheat Malt


50 minutes:

1oz Chinook (estimate 10% alpha, it’s about a year old, also I threw about 5 pellets of Zythos / Simcoe to make part of this)

10 minutes:

0.5oz Hallertau (Estimate 5% alpha)

0.5oz Tettnang (Estimate 5% alpha)

Orange zest from 1/8 of an orange

IBUs: 20

Yeast: S-05

Mash Temp: 64 degrees Celsius

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