Cool Windows 7 Tricks

I know it’s a little late in the day to be writing an article teaching people Windows 7 tricks, now that Windows 8 has been released, but a lot of people still use Windows 7 and will do so for a few years. I’m writing this Cool Windows 7 tricks article, not to list all the useful things in Windows 7 like Alt-Tab, but to give a few of the less common cool tricks that aren’t so well known.

The Cool Version of Alt-Tab

Ok, so I mentioned Alt-Tab, but did you know that you get a fancy cool interface if you press the Windows Key and Tab? You can also use a combination of Alt-Tab or the cool version with the mouse to select a Window to switch to.

Working With Windows

There are also a few cool tricks you can do with Windows that aren’t so well known. Did you know that in Windows 7 you can shake a window to minimise all the other windows? To do this, just drag / move the window as you normally would, but give it a little shake with the mouse.

Another cool trick is to maximise the length of a window by double clicking on the very edge of the window at the top or bottom (where you would normally click-drag to expand it). This is great for lining up windows to fit your screen. Unfortunately you can’t do this trick with the width of the window by clicking the left or right edges.

Tips for Moving / Copying Files in Windows 7

When you drag and drop files to new locations, it depends whether the folder is on the same drive as to whether the default is to copy or move the file. To my knowledge, you can’t change this, but you can hold Shift or Ctrl to change whether the file gets copied or moved.

If I think of any more cool tricks for Windows 7, I’ll add the to the list. Otherwise, if you know of any tips you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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