Connect To ISO Image On Local Disk Greyed Out – VMware vSphere Client

I thought I’d write about this because it’s tripped me up a couple of times and it’s such an easy one to fix. Sometimes the option to connect to an ISO image on the local disk can be greyed out, so you are unable to mount an ISO image to the VM. This is because the VM is powered off!

VMware have decided that if a VM is powered off then you shouldn’t be able to mount an ISO image to the virtual CD/DVD drive, unlike a physical machine which allows a CD to be in the tray when the machine is powered off. 😕

Having the Connect to ISO image on local disk greyed out when the VM is powered off can cause a problem when installing operating systems onto VMs. It means that you have to power the machine on, mount the ISO image from the local disk, then restart the VM to install the operating system. It would be preferable to be able to simply mount the ISO image to the CD drive, then power on the VM and install the operating system.

Having the option to mount an ISO image greyed out is a tricky on to fix, because there is no motive to power on the VM before installing an operating system; hence a lot of people get stumped by this one.

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