Chunk Size 10 Too Big In Chunk WEAT_ID Morrowind

When trying to load The Elder Scrolls III -Morrowind, you can get this error:

Chunk size 10 too big in chunk WEAT_ID in form REGN_ID.

Max size is 8, data truncated to “#”.

This is because you have installed Morrowind’s expansions in the wrong order. To fix this:

  1. Backup your saved game directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Saves)
  2. Uninstall Morrowind (and all expansions)
  3. Install Morrowind
  4. Install Tribunal
  5. Install Bloodmoon
  6. Download the appropriate patch from the Bethesda Softworks website

You should no longer get the Chunk size 10 too big in chunk WEAT_ID error.

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