Can I Use A Power Supply With Higher Amps In My Laptop

This is something that comes up every now and then, so I thought I’d make note of it because it’s easy to get confused about whether you can use a power supply rated at higher amps or voltage to power a laptop.

Can I Use A Power Supply With Higher Amps In My Laptop?

Firstly I’ll tackle whether you can use a power supply with a different amp rating to power your laptop. In short, the answer is yes. You can use a power supply with higher amps to power your laptop, but you cannot neccessarily use a power supply with lower amps. This is because the amp rating of a laptop is the maximum amps it will draw and the amp rating of the power supply is the maximum amount of amps the power supply can provide. Because the laptop may draw less than the maximum, it is possible to use a power supply that provides lower amps, but it is not recommended and can result in the laptop either working, working but not charging or cause damage or fires!

Can I Use A Power Supply With Higher Voltage In My Laptop?

This is the other consideration when replacing a power supply: Voltage. The voltage of the power supply must match the voltage rating of the laptop. This cannot be different. You can’t use a power supply with a lower voltage because it won’t be able to power the laptop. You can’t use a power supply with a higher voltage because you can damage the laptop.

How To Remember Whether You Can Use Higher Amps / Volts In A Laptop Power Supply

The best way to remember the above advise is to think of it as a pipe connecting to a smaller pipe. The Volts is the water preasure going from the large pipe to the smaller pipe – high pressure will break the pipe, too low pressure and the water won’t go through and you won’t be able to wash your hands. The amps is the amount of water going through the pipe – if there isn’t enough then water will still come out, but it might not be enough to use, too much water and you’ll still have enough to wash your hands.

In summary: You have to have at least the same amount of amps, but can have higher amps coming from your power supply than is required by your laptop. you must have exactly the same volts.

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