Call “HostStorageSystem.ResolveMultipleUnresolvedVmfsVolumes” For Object On vCenter Server Failed

This seems to be a bug in the vSphere Client. When trying to add a missing datastore to VMware ESX 4, if you are unable to remount using the signature and get this error:

Call “HostStorageSystem.ResolveMultipleUnresolvedVmfsVolumes” for object on vCenter Server failed

Then you might need to do it through the command line to fix the problem. This is how to mount an existing VMFS datastore in the command line without losing any data:

  1. Connect to the ESXi host via Putty
  2. Run esxcfg-volume -l to list the missing volumes
  3. Run esxcfg-volume -m label to reconnect (mount) the missing datastores in ESXi. (Where label is the label identified in the list command)

This should mount the datastores without losing any data and without the ”HostStorageSystem.ResolveMultipleUnresolvedVmfsVolumes” error.

Note: This worked for mounting all of my VMFS volumes / datastores where I hadn’t already readded them with new names. Unfortunately I can’t unmount the ones with new names and I don’t want to delete them. I can’t rename the volumes because it tells me that the new name already exists :(

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