Automation Server Can’t create Object – Internet Explorer

When trying to load an ActiveX control, Internet Explorer can give the following error:

Link to program failed.

Automation server can’t create object “File Path
Please enable this browser security setting…
Tools/Internet Options/Security/Local Intranet/Custom Level/Initialise & script activex controls not marked as safe/enable.

Or check the link type in the Report writer tool.

This error occurs because the ActiveX control is not marked as safe. The fix for the Automation server can’t create object error is actually in the error message. To stop this error:

  1. Go to Internet Options in Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the Security tab
  3. Click the Custom Level… button, under Security level for this zone (Make sure you have the right zone selected for the webpage you are viewing)
  4. Set Initialize and script active x controls is not marked safe for scripting to Enabled
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