Automatically Installing Printer Installer Client – PrinterLogic

You can automatically install the PrinterLogic Printer Installer Client using technologies like SCCM or AD, but to install the Client so that it points to the Printer Installer server you need to do the following:

  1. Get a copy of the Printer Installer Client MSI from the Printer Installer server (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\client\setup\PrinterInstallerClient.msi)
  2. Get the config.ini file from the same location and put these files somewhere that they can be distributed from
  3. Edit the config.ini file to point to your Printer Installer URL
  4. Run the Printer Installer Client MSI using the following command line:

    PrinterInstallerClient.msi /qn HomeURL=http:\\<<Printer Installer>>\

    (Substituting the correct URL for your Printer Installer)

Note that the command line switches to install PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer Client seem to be case sensitive.

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