App-V Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting App-V Client installations can be a pain and although it helps to understand how App-V works, this troubleshooting guide is a useful place to start.

First of all, when troubleshooting App-V, the first place to look is the event log. If the event log doesn’t help, in the Event Viewer, click View -> Show Analytic and Debug Logs. This will give you access to a plethora of hidden App-V troubleshooting logs. Be aware that to use them, you have to right click the log and click Enable to enable troublshooting with these logs.

You may wish to lookup the App-V error code to get a hint about which debug logs to enable 😉

Don’t forget to disable the hidden logs after troubleshooting to avoid performance issues with App-V!

If the Event logs and hidden logs aren’t helpful, try troubleshooting App-V with XPerf. Xperf allows you to collect ETW messages (which are stored by the OS as they are streamed from the App-V server as instructions to install apps) and display them in a nice GUI.

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