Alternative Fruit Crumble Recipes – A Few Variations On The Classic Crumble Recipe

Recently I’ve been making a few crumbles, so I thought I’d share a few variations I use on the standard crumble recipe. You can make crumble with anything as the base. My favourite is plain old rhubarb and apples or pears, but recently I’ve been more adventurous, listing: chocolate, boysenberries, cinnamon and apricots with variations on sugar used, mixing brown and white sugars.

To make crumble, simply mix a whole bunch of flour, about half as much sugar (white sugar makes a crunchier crumble, brown sugar makes it smoother) and butter until you get the right texture. If you kneed the crumble mixture for longer it can turn into shortbread, I prefer mine nice and crumbly 🙂

Here are some ideas for fruit crumble alternatives:

  • Try sprinkling a little brown sugar onto of the crumble before it goes in the oven – this will make it caramelize slightly
  • Try mixing cinnamon into the crumble or fruit mixture
  • Try mixing a handful of rolled oats into the crumble mixture
  • Try raspberries, diced dried apricots and grated white chocolate as the fruit mixture
  • Try using sour fruits and balancing the bitterness with sugar mixed into the fruit
  • If you are using apples and pears, try different types – try to balance sweet fruit varieties with sour ones so the crumble isn’t so sickly
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