Network Issues With VMware VM’s On Dell r520, r710 and r910 Servers

When using Dell servers in the following range:

  • Dell r520
  • Dell r710
  • Dell r910

You may find that your VMs have networking issues (lost packets, slow response times, missed pings, etc.). To fix this, disable Virtual Machine Queues TCP/IP/UDP Offloading (TOE) on each virtual machine.

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Error 0x800706BA: Failed To Install Distribution Point – SCCM 2012

When deploying the Distribution Point role to a Windows Server 2012 computer, you get the following error:

Error 0x800706BA: Failed to install Distribution Point

Error 0x800706BA happens when the server that you are trying to make a distribution point cannot be connected to via WMI or doesn’t have a namespace set up. To create a namespace and install a distribution point on a 2012 server that has reported error 0x800706BA:

  1. Copy C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\X64\smsdpprov.mof to the server you wish to make a distribution point
  2. Run this command on the would-be distribution point: mofcomp.exe smsdpprov.mof
  3. Re-run the command to install the distribution point. It may fail, but give it some time and it will eventually install the distribution point
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Unable To Install SQLXML With vCenter Configutation Manager on Windows Server 2012 R2

When you try to install vCM on Server 2012 R2, you are unable to install SQLXML. SQLXML is a prerequisite to installing vCM on Server 2012, so this can be a problem. Also, if¬†you download and install SQLXML manually, it doesn’t work.

To fix this and install SQLXML on Server 2012 R2 (which then allows you to install vCM), you need to first install .NET 3.5 Framework. After installing the .NET 3.5 Framework, you will then be able to install SQLXML and then vCM.

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Sysinspectoidwmi Module Stopped – vCenter Configuration Manager on Server 2012 R2

When installing vCenter Configuration Manager on Server 2012 R2, you will find that you get an error saying that:

The Sysinspectoidwmi module has stopped

Or something along the lines of the Sysinspectoidwmi stopping. This is because vCenter Configuration Manager requires .Net 3.5 Framework to be installed on Windows Server 2012 R2, otherwise the Sysinspectoidwmi module doesn’t work.

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Cannot Complete Operation Due To Concurrent Modification By Another Operation – VMware

When making a modification to a VMware VM’s settings, you get this error:

Cannot complete operation due to concurrent modification by another operation.

You get this error because another operation is modifying the VM you are trying to modify. In other words, another user or process (some sort of virtual machine management software?) is making a modification to the VM at the same time that you are.

VMware will also tell you that it cannot complete the operation due to concurrent modification if the client is running slowly and you press the OK or Apply button twice when modifying VM settings.

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The Operation Is Not Supported On The Object – Moving A VMware VM To Another Folder

When trying to move a VM to another folder, I got this error:

The operation is not supported on the object

This is a bug. To fix this I converted the VM into a template (right click the VM, convert to template), then moved it to the folder I wanted and converted it back into a VM. To my knowledge, there are no prerequisites for moving a VMware VM to another folder. I tried doing it when the VM was powered off, still the only way to fix it was by converting it to the template then back again!

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How To Enable Remote Desktop Remotely

Sometimes you need to enable remote desktop remotely. There are a few ways you can enable remote desktop remotely, here are a few:

  1. From an ILO session if using an HP server
  2. From an elevated command prompt, run this command:
    reg add “\\<servername>\hklm\system\currentcontrolset\control\terminal server” /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0
  3. Via GPO

Of course, don’t forget to enable remote desktop in the firewall, otherwise you won’t be able to access your computer remotely ūüėČ

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What Is VMware Misc.SIOControlFlag2?

What is VMware Misc.SIOControlFlag2? Misc.SIOControlFlag2 is used by VMware ESXi hosts to keep track of Storage IO Control (SIOC) usage.

If you’re not using SIOC, then the setting doesn’t have any impact on your environment. If you are using SIOC, then Misc.SIOControlFlag2 is used by the vCenter to know about the activity on volumes from hosts¬†(specifically, it tells the SIOC Injector when to charactorize the volume).

In either case, you shouldn’t change the value of¬†Misc.SIOControlFlag2, because it’s internal to the operation of VMware vSphere.

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Test Connection. Invalid Application Path – IIS

When you test a connection from an IIS application (website), you get this error:

Test Connection

Invalid application path

To fix the Invalid application path error, try the following:

  • Change the¬†Connect As to an administrator account
  • Ignore the error
  • Delete the bindings for the application, recreate them and try again
  • Check that the credentials are set correctly for Anonymous users and edit the settings of the anonymous users – try both options given
  • Check that the application identity has permissions to the directory
  • Try re-creating the application pool
  • Check that no other applications are using the same ports as your application
  • Try re-registering IIS
  • Finally, rebuild your IIS server

If you find another way to fix the Invalid application path error, please leave a comment to help others.

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How To Shutdown (Or Restart) Multiple Computers Remotely Using A Batch File

Here’s a really clever way to shutdown (or restart) multiple computers remotely using a batch file. It’s clever because it takes a list of computers from Excel and uses a batch file to shutdown or restart them remotely.

To shutdown multiple computers remotely:

  1. Create a list of computer in a column in Microsoft Excel
  2. In a call in the adjacent column, type (where the corresponding computer name is in cell A2):=CONCATENATE(“shutdown /m \\”, A1, ” /r /t 30″)
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the bottom left corner of the cell. The cursor should turn into a + sign
  4. Click and drag the plus sign down to the bottom of the list of computers you want to shutdown. You will see the values change to make a list of commands, one for each computer in the list
  5. Copy the list of commands into a batch file, or simply paste the lot into a command prompt to shutdown the the list of multiple computers

‚Ěó Note: To shutdown the computers without restarting them, remove the¬†/r from the command in step 2.

‚Ěó Note: You must run the command / batch file as an administrator who has permission to shutdown the computers remotely. Also, the batch file or command prompt must be run as administrator (Right click ->¬†Run as administrator).

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